Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build community within and between student groups, caregivers and staff, and to advocate for special education students and for equitable, inclusive education for all.

We envision a Shoreline School District community where every child is valued and authentically included, without segregated special education. We envision a process where caregivers feel empowered and prepared to support student-centered special education planning in partnership with educators.

What We Do

  • Transition information for kindergarten, middle school and high school

  • Book club

  • Caregiver education meetings with guest speakers

  • Annual Outstanding Educators Awards

  • Caregiver check-ins

  • Re-charge room info

2022-23 Leadership

Ananda Scott

President president@shorelinespecialneedspta.org

Jessica Mercer

Vice-President VicePres@Shorelinespecialneedspta.org

Kirsten Bannister

Treasurer treasurer@shorelinespecialneedspta.org

Erin Acheson

Secretary secretary@shorelinespecialneedspta.org


DEI/FACE (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion/Family and Community Engagement) – Brytt Gregory, Sara Lawton, Nicola Beck; face@shorelinespecialneedspta.org

Communications – Jen Small, Jessica Mercer; communication@shorelineseptsa.org

PTSA Partnerships – Jessica Mercer

Legislative Chair open

Membership Kirsten Bannister, Tess Scott

IEP Discussion Group – Ananda Scott, Jen Small

Book Club – Brytt Gregory

Event Planning – Kirsten Bannister

Recognition Committee – Ananda Scott, Nicola Beck

Financial Review – Erin Acheson, Nicola Beck

Nominating Committee – Jen Small


The planning for the Shoreline Special Needs PTSA began during the summer of 2013. A group of Shoreline, WA School District parents of children with disabilities felt a group to support other parents and collaborate with the teachers and administration was needed in our district. The process to formalize our group started in August, was chartered on September 8, and our application was officially approved by the State PTA on September 17, 2013! The name was changed from Shoreline Special Needs PTSA to Shoreline Special Education PTSA on July 6, 2022.

The chapter continues to grow and solidify its role in the district. Our impact includes:

  • Increasing awareness and interest among Shoreline schools about how to be more inclusive

  • District administration and teachers attending meetings and reaching out to collaborate on family/child needs related to special education issues

  • More families feeling an increased sense of community and connectedness via our Facebook page, meetings and social time

  • Members learning about important community supports available to them and their children